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Red Bike Leatherworks

Little Designs Cambridge Red-Bike-Leatherworks-logo-branding

The founder of Red Bike Leatherworks, Jess, is a second generation leatherworker. Using traditional tools and methods she produces hand-crafted, bespoke leather products with a modern, often colourful twist. She prides herself on the quality of her wares; hand cut, hand crafted and hand stitched, her products are build to last and improve with age. The name ‘Red Bike’ is a nod to her father, his cycling and spirit of adventure.

Little Designs was tasked with creating a clean, modern and instantly recognisable logo that referenced the bike element of the company name and could be embossed into leather to brand products.

If you would like to know more about this project, please email me at kate@littledc.co.uk